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 UZMA high-tech TTP 6-32 and TTP 9-32 turret punch presses are produced as an closed type rigid steel construction into a rigid structure. The finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minimum deflection during operation. No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increase tool life. TTP series turret punch presses has 32 station which help to finish all the work even on very complicated sheet products. UZMA turret punch presses provides a complete solution with optimum cost.

Standard Accessories:
Command pedal
4 axis CNC system
HL hydraulic system
Thick turret system
CAD, CAM software (Metalix)
Fanuc CNC Control unit
Programming on the control panel
Auto check clamp position.
Re-positioning of clamps
Automatic lubrication system for tooling.
Quick dropping of the ram and operation at
short stroke for increased productivity
Automatic referencing of sheet and clamps
UPS for control panel
Mixing table (brush+ball)
Cooler unit

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