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HAP - Hydraulic Downstroking Press Brakes

The UZMA down stroking press brakes has Steel machine frame and top beam dimensioned for optimum strength and minimized deflection. The HAP series press brakes having a long standing reputation for reliability and rigidity utilises the torsion bar principle to ensure minimum off centre deflection and provide a standard press brake. The whole body of UZMA pressbrake is designed, build as one pieces steel construction frame and machined at one time on a moving column CNC machining center. The cylinders of HAP series press brakes are machined from solid Steel bilet and honed precisely. Pistons are Steel forgings, hardened, chrome plated, precision ground and micro polished for years of trouble-free service. The torsion bar and stopper system inside cylinders enable parallel move of the top beam and accurate bend angle at the both ends of the work piece. HAP series press brakes has a hardened ram slide ways working with friction and wear resistant material and optimum lubrication grooves. Finally the UZMA down stroking press brakes gives a top quality bending feature due parallelism between top and bottom tool trough the length.

Standard Accesories:
Digital Readout
Pendant control panel
Motorized Backgauge
European Top Clamping system & top tool
Multi V-Die
Side protection panels
Front Support arms
CE Norm

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